Mesmerise Project

Mesmerise is a EU H2020 funded project coordinated by the Universidad de Alcalá(UAH). Saint George Tech was one of the partners of this project.

The main challenge of  MESMERISE Project was to develop a new scanning technology improving the respect for intimacy and privacy rights as well as the efficiency and reliability.

The consortium developed a high-resolution non-intrusive scanner able to automatically detect and identify both internal and external concealed prohibited or restricted commodities ought by customs.


Atex Drone Project

Saint George Tech is collaborating in the ATEX DRONE project. 

The objective of this project is the development of an intrinsically safe flying drone for use in explosive atmospheres. It can be used for the inspection of hazardous facilities.


Xenon Project

Xenon is a new mass gauging of Electric Propulsion propellants in microgravity conditions based on the use of the equations of the state of gases and fluids.

This gauging method improves by a factor of 8 the accuracy of the standard PVT retrievals using look-up tables with tabulated data from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

This method applies to xenon, that is one of the most popular propellants for future Electric Propulsion, but also applies to other such as helium, argon, and krypton, as well as other gases such as CO2.

This method can be easily adapted to any Electric Propulsion tank, for many geometries, sizes and gases.

Saint George Tech has actively participated in the project by designing the test bench, acquiring data and performing signal processing.

Saint George Tech has developed both the mechanical and control design of the test bench, including the mechanical design of the chamber able to work with CO2 and Xenon in a supercritical state, (up to 250 bar).